ZOKO-066S(Crimping+heat shrink tube inserting+wire twisted tinning)
  • Model:ZOKO-066S
  • Brand:ZOKO
  • Warranty:1 year


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ZOKO-066S(Crimping+heat shrink tube inserting+wire twisted tinning)
1. ZOKO-066s is fully automatic wire cutting, stripping, crimping, heat shrink tube inserting and tinning machine. The wire applicable for crimping in PVC electronic wires, Telflon wire, Halogen free wire, etc.
2. All the setting such as cutting length, stripping length, cutting depth, stripping  depth  will be done easily through LCD touch screen. 
3. Integrated detection system, automatically detect whether there is a wire, whether there is a terminal, whether there is low pressure and whether there is un-qualified crimping, etc. To ensure the machine working stable and precise crimping.
4.Machine can match with OPT Crimping Applicator or European Crimping Applicator.
Production capacity: 1000 pcs/hour(The wire length is within 300mm)
Model: ZOKO-066S
Power: AC220v/50/60hz 20A
Wire range: AWG12#-AWG24#(can be customized)
Cutting length: 70-3000mm
Cutting Accuracye:  0.5mm+ setting length*0.2% (when the length is less than 500mm);   
                               1mm+ setting length *0.2% (when the length is larger than 1000mm)
Stripping length: 0-20mm
Twisting length: 0-10mm
Crimping force:Standard 2TON (Casting ultra-quiet clutch 2.0T terminal machine)
Suitable applicator: OPT side feed/end feed crimping applicator or European crimping applicator
Air pressure: 5-6kgf
Dimension: L1800*W800*H1860*(mm)
Weight: about 600KG

1.wearing parts: 
wire cutting&stripping knife
cutting and crimping terminal knife 
1. conveyor belt
2. terminal crimping force monitor 
3. terminal visual inspection
4. wire feeder
5.Laser marking machine