Automatic both ends crimping and seals inserting machine
  • Model:ZOKO-078H
  • Brand:ZOKO
  • Warranty:1 year


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Automatic both ends crimping and seals inserting machine

Fully automatic ZOKO-078H processes crimps and seals on both sides.

The module can be easily and quickly switched from one seal type to another. The terminal rolls and crimping devices can be changed quickly during operation. 

It can automatic feed the seals by vibration plate, insert the seals before crimping terminals.

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Model: ZOKO-078H
Power: AC220v/50/60hz
Capacity: 2000pcs~3000pcs/h(L=150MM)
Wire range: AWG28#-AWG14#
Cutting length:45-3000mm(can be customized)
Cutting Accuracy: 0.5mm+cutting lengthx0.2%
Stripping length: 0.5-8mm(can be customized)
Suitable applicator: OTP applicator,European applicator
Crimping stroke:30mm(40mm for optinal)
Air pressure: 5-6kgf

Wearing parts:
1. wire cutting and stripping knife
2. terminal crimping cutting knife 
1.wire feeding machine for processing long wire 
2. crimping force monitor