Automatic cable stripping crimping and twisting mchine
  • Model:ZOKO-018T
  • Brand:ZOKO
  • Warranty:1 year


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Automatic cable stripping crimping and twisting mchine


Automatic cable stripping crimping and twisting mchine


This automatic crimping machine is a fully automatic cable processing machine to process wire from cutting,

stripping, crimping and twisting complete at once. it suitable for processing all kinds of electric wries from

AWG14#~AWG28#(can be customized), and crimping reel type terminals like insulated trminals or non-insulated 

terminals. the crimping die is made according to your terminals, different terminals can be pressed by this machine

just replace the crimping die,changeover the crimping die is very quickly. 



1) from feeding cable, cutting,stripping, crimping and twisting automatically.

2)Available wire range from AWG 14#~AWG 28# with fast speed and accuracy performance.

3)Available for crimping all kinds of chain type terminals.

4)change the cirmping die is very quick and convenient within 3minutes.

5)Can be equipped with conveyor for processing long wire.


Model No: ZOKO-018T
Function  cutting, stripping,crimping and twisting
Available wire size AWG14~AWG28( can be made as your request)
Cutting length 45mm-9999.9mm
Stripping length 0-12mm
Cutting accuracy  0.5mm+cutting length*0.2%
Capacity 4000-5000pcs/h
Crimping force 2T
Power supply 220V 50HZ/60HZ
Air pressure  0.5-0.7mPa


Wearing parts:
1. wire cutting and stripping knife
2. terminal crimping die cutting knife 
1.wire feeding machine for processing long wire 
2. crimping monitor