ZOKO-018HC Automatic one side crimping and sleeves insertion machine
  • Model:ZOKO-018HC
  • Brand:ZOKO
  • Warranty:1 year


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ZOKO-018HC Automatic one side crimping and sleeves insertion machine

Features of ZOKO-018HC Automatic one side crimping and sleeve insertion machine


1.This machine is an automatic wire crimping and sleeve insertion machine.

2.It with powerful driver and motor can straighten the wire during sending the wire to the crimping applicator. automatic cutting wires as the setting length,stripping on cable both sides, the side without crimping can do half stripping, another side with full stripping,

The sleeve can be inserted before the terminal is crimped. The sleeve can be automatically moved to the terminal after crimping.

3. Powerful motor, imported cylinders, Slider rail and precised crimping die ensure the high quality crimping.

4. Touch screen operation inface more convenient to use, English and Chinese Language for optional.

5. Our machine can fit with JST/Molex or another European crimping die if you need.

6. this terminal crimping machine can crimp various reel type terminals, like JST terminals,Molex terminals or other brand reel type terminals.



Model: ZOKO-018HC
Power: AC220v/50/60hz
Capacity: 2000pcs~3000pcs/h(L=150MM)
Wire range: AWG14 ~ AWG24(can be customized)
Cutting length: 80-3000mm(can be customized)
Cutting Accuracy: 0.5mm+cutting lengthx0.2%
Stripping length: 0.5-8mm(can be customized)
Crimping Force: 2.0T
Suitable Crimping applicator: OTP crimping applicator, European crimping applicator
Stroke: 30mm(40mm can be customized)
Air pressure: 0.5mpa~0.6mpa

Comsuable parts:
1. wire cutting and stripping knife
2. terminal crimping cutting knife 
1.wire feeding machine for processing long wire 
2. crimping force monitor