Automatic twin wires crimping machine with sleeve insertion
  • Model:ZOKO-408
  • Brand:ZOKO
  • Warranty:1 year


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Automatic twin wires crimping machine with sleeve insertion
Features of Automatic twin wires crimping machine with sleeve insertion
It's a fully automatic wire harness processing assembly machine,compelte twin wires cutting, stripping,crimping different terminals on both sides, 
and inserting the sleeves on one side.also you can turn off the sleeves insertion function only crimping terminals. this machine has advantages of
processing twin wires cutting,stripping crimping and insertion sleeve at the same time high production efficiency,stable performance.
technical parameters can be adjusted on PLC contolled touch screen with English interface.OTP horizontal mold and straight mold can be used in 
this machine,European mold or Korean mold can be used in as well.
Power: AC220v/50/60hz
Functions: twin wires cutting, stripping,crimping terminals one side or two sides, insertion sleeves in one side.
Capacity: 1500pcs~2000pcs/h(L=150MM)
Wire range: AWG24#-AWG12#(can be customized)
Cutting length: 65-3000mm(can be customized)
Cutting accuracy: 0.5mm+cutting lengthx0.2%
Stripping length: 0.5-8mm(can be customized)
Crimping force: 2.0T
Crimping stroke:30mm(40mm is optional)
Applicator range: OTP applicator, European applicator and Korean applicator.
Air pressure: 5-6kgf
Size: 1800*1600*1900mm

1.wearing parts: 
cutting&stripping knife
terminal applicator knife 
1. conveyor belt
2. crimping force monitor
3. wire feeder