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Automatic multi-core cable crimping and shrink tube insertion machine
  • Model:ZOKO-903
  • Brand:ZOKO
  • Warranty:1 year


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Automatic multi-core cable crimping and shrink tube insertion machine
Features of ZOKO-903 Automatic multi-core cable crimping and shrink tube insertion machine 
1.It is a fully automatic wire processing machine for cutting round or flat multi-core cable, stripping outer and inner jacket and 
crimping terminals on each cores cable and inserting the shrink tube on both sides.
2.With large processing range up to 7mm outer diameter multi-core cable, inner cores quantity up to 15  pieces.
3.Operation via the touchscreen,setting the parameters on it in a short time,simple and convenient.
4.One machine can crimping different terminals just change the cirmping die,flexibility and short changeover time. 
5.Integrated detector system,detect whether there is wire, whether there is terminal, whether there is air pressure,bad crimping 
and inserting shrink ube. adopts high powerful servo motor and imported parts control ensure the machine working smooth and crimping precisely.
Model: ZOKO-903
Power: AC220v/50/60hz
Functions: multi-core cable cutting, stripping outer and inner jacket, crimping and inserting heating shrink tube.
2cores cable,1000sets/H(L=500MM)
3cores cable,930sets/H(L=500MM)
4cores cable,860sets/H(L=500MM)
5cores cable,800sets/H(L=500MM)
6cores cable,770sets/H(L=500MM)
7cores cable,740sets/H(L=500MM)
8cores cable,707sets/H(L=500MM)
9cores cable,675sets/H(L=500MM)
10cores cable,643sets/H(L=500MM)
11cores cable,612sets/H(L=500MM)
12croes cable,580sets/H(L=500MM)
13cores cable,550sets/H(L=500MM)
Wire range: Up to 7mm outer diameter of multi-core cable
Cutting length: 120-9999mm(can be customized)
Cutting accuracy: 0.5mm+cutting lengthx0.2%
Stripping length: outer jacket 30-160mm,inner jacket 0-8mm.
Crimping force: 2.0T
Crimping applicator:OPT crimping die, Korean crimping die and European crimping die are suitable.
Air pressure: 5-6kgf
Size: 1200*900*1560MM
Weight:about 500kg

1.wearing parts: 
cutting&stripping knife
terminal applicator knife 
1. conveyor belt
2. crimping force monitor
3. wire feeder